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Computer education
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  Computer Literacy : -
   Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya is a residential school from class VI to XII fully   financed   by Govt. of India .The government is introducing various projects and schemes to make   the   Teaching Learning process   more effective.
   Computer   Literacy   programme   is   one of   such programs that has been given   prime    importance   by   the   government. Recently this programs is modified and its range is widened .It has been taken into consideration that the most effective form of teacher training process is application based training where   teachers   learn computer skills within the context of their teaching. Once the teachers & students get   introduced   with   its devices, they will use the computers in their day to day teaching learning process by putting together contents from various sources & creating multimedia teaching aid. Using the fonts & their own voice along with the interactive graphics, pictures & movies. They can easily explain /comprehend difficult concepts.
      As a part of this programme, our school has got 47 computers with 1 server, 1 Laptop & 45 nodes .The students & teachers are getting the practical knowledge of computer .A time table has been fixed for this purpose. Everyone is keen to learn & avail the benefits of this programme.
 A   Faculty Cum System   Administrator has been appointed on the temporary   basis. All    teachers    are doing their work like preparing of Question Papers, Split   up of syllabus, Models, projects, results analysis etc. on computer. The students   have   got basic knowledge of computer & they can easily operate the systems. This programme seems to be very useful / beneficial not only to the teachers but also to the students in their teaching learning process.